Objectives of these Archives

Comparative studies of the three cultures:
China, Korea, Japan

with respect to the following subjects :

Language and Communication
Confucius and "Correcting Names"
MA, 間, the space between people
Kotodama 言霊 in Japan
Manyoshu (万葉集)

Concepts of Life and Death
Suicide and its reasons

Relationship between Military and Civilians
Some Reference

Relationship between Religion and Politics
Some Reference
Monk Soldiers

Loyalty and Opposition
Some Reference for China

Concepts of Aesthetics and Art
(Color, Symmetry ... )
Some Reference
"concept of symmetry" japan

Geography and Civilization
Some Reference


Uwe Richter,
Professor, Morioka, Japan

岩手県立大学 (Iwate Prefectural University)


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